Unleash Intelligence at Every Level

Wholus empowers a wide range of organisations to optimise facilities, operations, and workplaces. But understanding the data you see is crucial.

Imagine a world where data is the key to unlocking your organisation's full potential.

Wholus makes this a reality

By providing a centralised hub for global visibility and granular control over your facilities, operations, and employee well-being. Empower your teams to make data-driven decisions that optimise efficiency, minimise costs, and maximise sustainability.

Imagine a centralised hub showcasing your entire organisation's facilities and operations.

That's the power of Wholus at the Global level.

You’ll gain access to:

  • Holistic View: Analyse data across all Wholus products - Intelligent Contracts, Corporate Standards, Digital Operations, and Real-time Workplace.
  • Performance Insights: Track key metrics like overall efficiency, sustainability progress, cost savings, and employee well-being across your entire global footprint.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions that optimise your entire organisation.
  • Operational Alignment: Correlating your operations to your outcomes.

Examples of Global Insights:

  • Total energy consumption across your portfolio for a global comparison.
  • Space utilisation trends to optimise real estate allocation globally.
  • Overall environmental impact to track progress towards sustainability goals.

Need a deeper dive into a specific country or region? 

Wholus provides national-level access, allowing you to:

You’ll gain access to:

  • Regional Performance Analysis: Focus on data specific to that region, like energy efficiency of buildings or employee satisfaction within local offices.
  • Benchmarking: Compare regional performance to global benchmarks, identifying areas where your local teams excel or require improvement.
  • Tailored Strategies: Develop regional strategies based on specific strengths and weaknesses identified through the data.

Examples of National Insights:

  • Energy efficiency comparison between offices in different countries.
  • Space utilisation trends within a regional headquarters.
  • Employee satisfaction survey results specific to a local or functio

Wholus empowers you

To drill down to individual buildings, departments, or teams.

This localised access allows for:

  • Granular Control: Manage data and configuration specific to that location or group.
  • Hyper-optimisation: Focus on optimising performance within a specific area, like improving environmental factors in a building or optimising desk usage within a department.
  • Actionable Insights: Gain data-driven insights to make targeted improvements.

Examples of Localised Insights:

  • Monitoring temperature and light levels in a specific building.
  • Tracking resource allocation for a particular team. Analysing desk booking trends within a department.

Need to delve deeper into a specific building or workspace?

Wholus offers a focused view

Granting access to:

  • Granular Real-Time & Historical Data: Monitor environmental factors (temperature, light, air quality and noise) through sensors within the space and analyse historical trends for informed decision-making.
  • Targeted Optimisation: Gain insights into occupancy levels and resource usage (cleaning, printing) to optimise resource allocation and create a more efficient workspace.

Examples of Focused Insights:

  • Analyse temperature data in a specific building to identify and address potential discomfort zones for employees.
  • Track occupancy patterns in conference rooms to determine optimal cleaning schedules and avoid unnecessary cleaning during peak usage times.
  • Monitor printer usage within a department to identify printing hotspots and encourage paperless initiatives - encouraging office environment incentives through quality data.

Wholus allows you 

Deep dive into individual rooms or spaces within a building.

This level provides: 

  • Highly Localised Control: Manage environmental settings and resource allocation for specific rooms, giving you granular control over comfort and efficiency within each space.
  • Asset and Space Performance Monitoring: Track the performance of equipment like HVAC units and printers within specific spaces, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing downtime.

Examples of Individual Component Insights:

  • Optimise heating schedules in individual meeting rooms based on occupancy patterns, reducing energy consumption during unused periods.
  • Monitor air quality sensors in specific areas to ensure healthy working conditions and identify potential ventilation issues.
  • Analyse data from a faulty temperature sensor in a server room to diagnose and fix the problem before it impacts critical equipment.

For the most technical users

Wholus offers access to:

  • Raw Sensor Data: Gain access to the raw data feed from individual sensors and devices within a building.
  • Detailed Analysis: This level is ideal for troubleshooting equipment issues or analysing detailed environmental readings that require technical expertise to interpret and utilise effectively.

Example of Device Level Insights:

  • Analyse data from a temperature sensor to diagnose a faulty component and ensure proper repair.
  • Monitor fluctuations in energy consumption from a specific device to identify potential operational inefficiencies.