The Wholus Suite

4 powerful independent products.1 industry changing approach.

A unified approach to optimising facilities, operations, and sustainability

In today’s globalised world, managing a multinational corporation’s facilities and operations across diverse locations presents a complex challenge. To truly thrive, companies require a wholistic view that not only optimises efficiency and cost savings, but also prioritises environmental and social responsibility. The Wholus Suite offers a powerful solution, its interconnected and scalable products working together to empower large multinationals and SMEs alike to achieve exactly that.

The true power of this suite lies in its interconnected and scalable nature.

When used together, these products create a wholistic view of a multinational's facilities and operations.

  • Real-time data from Intelligent Contracts and Digital Operations can be fed into IESG and Corporate Standards to track progress towards sustainability goals and identify areas for improvement.
  • Insights from Real-time Workplace can inform space allocation decisions within Intelligent Contracts, optimising space utilisation.
  • Improved efficiency from Digital Operations can lead to cost savings that can be reinvested in sustainability initiatives managed by IESG and Corporate Standards.

By integrating these products

Large multinationals can achieve a significant return on investment through:

  • Reduced costs across facilities management, operations, and real estate.
  • Improved efficiency in all areas of facility and resource management.
  • Enhanced sustainability by minimising environmental impact and achieving ESG goals.
  • Increased employee satisfaction through a more comfortable and productive work environment.

The Wholus Suite offers a comprehensive solution for large multinationals to optimise their facilities, operations, and workplaces while achieving their sustainability goals.