Our Product

A SaaS platform designed to bring all your information into oneview for all your people and perspectives.

Information Ownership

No technology provider owns your data, WHOLUS Keystone platform brings all your data into your understanding.

Operational Integration

Who works with your data and what they are going to do with it changes the way you want to see it – different dashboards for different needs and stakeholders.

Digital Transformation

Our methodologies know that using any technology changes over time, so inbuilt continous improvement is part of our product approach.

R & D

Working with world leading computer and data science organisations our continous roadmap keeps bringing more value.

Open and Interoperable

We know there are many parts to most ecosystems and also only one version of the truth.  WHOLUS is designed to support a many and one approach to your ever changing technology stack.


API first


Secure and extendable

Digital R&D

Your needs of today will not be the same as your needs of tomorow.  WHOLUS has world leading subject experts as well as developers to build out the platforms and your own functionality.


Published roadmap


Co-design features and services

Trust and Compliance

Know what you are looking at

Every visulisation and data instance across the WHOLUS Keystone environment brings a trust score to let you know, in terms of context and data, the value of the page you are looking at.  On top of this we have leading academic partnerships building out on the platforms data science to let you look deeper into the data sets and derive more empowering understandings. 


Corporate and International Standard alignments


A-E performance mapping and alerts


From Estate to Workstation – bringing your data to you

Our extendable hierarchy structure allows your organisation to be incorporated in the way you see you.  This structure shares the same underlying data but allows you to see your information in many different ways that all map to your business model.


View from the cosmos to the atom


Drive your alerts and performance parameters to the people and the levels that work for you

WHOLUS is a whole life, people-centric, digital transformation organisation. Built around our proprietary interoperable platform ecosystem agnostic, multi-faceted SaaS platform and transformative service. Dealing with leading IoT related hardware and software companies with a information holistic point of view. Everything we do is built on our ethics foundation which promotes the principle of high quality ESG principles


We all have a part to play in the value of our future. WHOLUS is dedicated to driving a new way of thinking and a new way of living. We hope to see you there.


WHOLUS, Station Wynd, Doune, Perthshire, Scotland UK, FK16 6DT