Wholus for Whole Organisations

Incremental implementation.Maximum impact.

The Wholus Advantage

Imagine a future where your facilities are not just functional, but engines of efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings. The Wholus Whole Life Facilities Management Suite creates a competitive advantage for large multinationals and growing SMEs alike.

We understand that a complete facilities management overhaul can seem daunting. That’s why Wholus is designed for scalability. Start with the department or pain point that needs it most, and add components and users over time.

The true power of this suite lies in its interconnected and scalable nature.

Here's how it works:

  • Identify your biggest challenge: Is it rising energy costs? Inefficient space utilisation? Focus on the area that will deliver the quickest win.
  • Work with our team to identify the best starting point: We offer a suite of powerful, interconnected tools, including: Intelligent Contracts, Digital Operations, Corporate Standards and Real-time Workplace
  • Experience the benefits: See the initial impact on your bottom line and environmental footprint.
  • Expand your Wholus footprint: As you see the value, add new products and departments to unlock the full potential of a unified, data-driven approach.

The Power of Integration:

The greater the links, the greater the impact

The true magic of Wholus happens when you connect the dots and combine the intelligence across departments:
  • Human Resources and Facilities Managers using the same data to allocate and rationalise office space.
  • Portfolio Managers and Specialist Workers being able to see the same pinch points, seeing both the need and opportunity to improve workflow in maintenance procedures and practise.
  • C-Level leaders and the Finance team, working from the same data set, supporting strategic corporate decisions from an informed and pragmatic perspective.

Creating a roadmap for success

Every journey is different. To get to your destination in the shortest period of time, it helps to have a roadmap. We will help with that.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of Wholus specialists will work with you to identify your biggest challenges and recommend the ideal starting point for your integration journey.
  • Tailored Roadmap: We'll create a customised roadmap that outlines the optimal sequence for adding Wholus products and departments, ensuring a smooth and successful integration.
  • Phased Implementation: Together, we will break down the integration process into manageable phases, minimising disruption and maximising ROI at each stage.
  • Change Management Expertise: We'll help you navigate the human side of change, ensuring employee buy-in and adoption of the Wholus system.
  • Ongoing Support: Our team will be there to support you throughout the entire integration process, from initial planning to long-term optimisation.

The Wholus Suite offers a comprehensive solution for large multinationals to optimise their facilities, operations, and workplaces while achieving their sustainability goals.