Work in Comfort and Efficiency: Wholus for the Modern Workforce

At your workplace, comfort and efficiency are key to a productive day. But sometimes, the temperature might be a little off, meeting rooms can feel stuffy, or common areas get overcrowded.

Introducing Wholus Real-time Workplace, your key to a more comfortable and productive work environment.

This innovative tool leverages real-time data and sensor technology to give you insights into the environment around you. With individual and even device-level access (depending on your organisation's setup), you can play a role in optimising your workspace for everyone.

Stop struggling with an uncomfortable or inefficient workspace. Wholus Real-time Workplace empowers you with the information and (potentially) control you need to personalise your work environment for maximum comfort and productivity.

Individual & Device Level Access:

  • Individual Access: Focus on the environmental data most relevant to your workspace, like requesting a temperature adjustment in your specific area.
  • Device Level Access (limited): Some organisations may allow limited device access to control specific elements like lighting in your personal workspace (subject to organisational policy).

Work with Confidence, Powered by Wholus Trust

  • Data Privacy: Your personal data is always protected. Wholus prioritises privacy and responsible data usage.
  • Actionable Insights: Environmental data is translated into clear, actionable information for a more comfortable workspace.
  • Continuous Improvement: By providing feedback, you can help your organisation create a better work environment for everyone.

Your Personalised Comfort Control

  • Environmental Monitoring: Track temperature, air quality, and lighting levels in your workspace.
  • Space Utilisation Insights: See real-time occupancy data for meeting rooms and common areas, helping you find the perfect spot to focus. (Feature under development)
  • Feedback & Improvement: Provide feedback directly through the Wholus app, helping your organisation optimise the workplace for everyone's needs.