Unleash the Power of Your Portfolio: Wholus for Directors

As a director, you understand the critical role efficient facilities management plays in your organisation's success. But with a global portfolio, fragmented data, and siloed operations, gaining a wholistic view and making informed decisions can be a challenge.

Wholus is the answer.

Our comprehensive suite of integrated products empowers you to optimise facilities, operations, and workplaces at every level, from global strategy to individual device performance.

Whether you’re analysing global energy consumption, comparing space utilisation across regions, or monitoring environmental factors in a specific building, Wholus empowers you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

Unify Your Global Portfolio with Wholus Trust

Our solutions prioritise data security, actionable insights, seamless integration, and a whole-life approach. This ensures you can trust the information you see and make confident decisions that drive:

  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate inefficiencies, optimise resource allocation, and achieve significant cost savings across your entire organisation.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: Track progress towards your ESG goals, minimise environmental impact, and make data-driven decisions for a sustainable future.
  • Improved Efficiency: Gain real-time insights into operations, optimise processes, and ensure your facilities are functioning at peak performance.
  • Elevated Employee Experience: Create a comfortable, productive, and efficient work environment that boosts employee satisfaction and well-being.

Wholus Products at Your Fingertips

With a range of access levels, Wholus empowers you to drill down to the specific data points that matter most.

Leverage the power of:

  • Intelligent Contracts: Transform traditional contracts into digital, real-time data sources for informed decision-making and supplier performance management.
  • Corporate Standards: Centralise and manage complex corporate standards, ensuring consistent practices and progress towards sustainability goals across your global footprint.
  • Digital Operations: Utilise AI and real-time data to optimise maintenance schedules, predict equipment failures, and prevent costly downtime.
  • Real-time Workplace: Gain insights into environmental factors, space utilisation, and employee behaviour to create a data-driven workplace strategy that fosters productivity and well-being.