about us


We are a passionate group of people who believe we can create a new, empowered way of looking at life and business.

With many collective decades experience working with various fortune 500 brands, we understand that the consistent factor of delivering to the bottom line is now joined by the growing pressures of the environment, social value and general good sustainable practice.

We launched WHOLUS to give an enterprise solution at any entry point and to create an experience that delivers on both the dream and the ROI.

We are strong advocates of starting with your people first and aim for a value centric and enhancing culture.

Experience a new age of intelligence

We belive your data and information is best served when it serves you.  You shouldn’t need to dig and search for what makes sense or what needs to be actioned.  In this new age of larger opportunity and more responsibility, when you empower yourself, your organisation and your people with the right information at the right time you embrace the WHOLUS way of life.

Our Approach

Creating a foundation for sustainable change and growth is the WHOLUS way, we aim to empower your people and inform your direction across an iterative journey

Our Mission

Educate and inform the world’s professionals to make the collective efforts of humanity something we can all leverage in our day to day life.

Our Vision

To bring the value each and every organisation has, and that its various communities provide, into an actionable environment to support all outputs and goals.

WHOLUS is a whole life, people-centric, digital transformation organisation. Built around our proprietary interoperable platform ecosystem agnostic, multi-faceted SaaS platform and transformative service. Dealing with leading IoT related hardware and software companies with a information holistic point of view. Everything we do is built on our ethics foundation which promotes the principle of high quality ESG principles


We all have a part to play in the value of our future. WHOLUS is dedicated to driving a new way of thinking and a new way of living. We hope to see you there.



WHOLUS, Station Wynd, Doune, Perthshire, Scotland UK, FK16 6DT