The Wholus Leadership Team

At our company, we understand the critical role facilities management and digital portfolios play in today's world.

Our founders, Kate and Gordon Mitchell, are seasoned professionals with a combined decade of experience across various sectors, including UK government, Fortune 100 companies, and the operational built environment. They are passionate about delivering value and ensuring sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We are a team driven by a commitment to excellence in facilities management and digital portfolio operations. Led by Kate and Gordon Mitchell, our founding members boast a diverse skillset encompassing technical and product operations, finance, information technology, data science, and more. With a proven track record of success in multi-territory and multi-cultural projects, we deliver on both practical and digital requirements, ensuring every project meets the highest standards.



Founding Members

Kate and Gordon Mitchell are both seasoned professionals in the facilities management and digital portfolio operational space, across UK government, Fortune 100 and operational built environment spaces. Always delivering value and orientation around sustainability and ESG values.

Diverse Skills

An established team covers competencies across technical and product operational to finance, information communication and technology as well as data science.

Proven Track Record

Decade of experience already in delivering in multi territory multi cultural portfolios and contracts in both practical requirements as well as digital requirements.


Leading Digital Standards

Global Standards Development: Gordon Mitchell has already delivered many years of international leadership in the creation of international (ISO), European (CEN) and UK (BSI) standards to support the evolution of the digital operational built environment.

Professional Body Involvement

Key roles in professional bodies such as chairing the technology SIG with the institute of workplace and facility management has seen Gordon develop both the intitules professional standards framework but also the professionals involved.

National Contributions

Involvements in the UK’s national built environments initiatives are inevitable for our leadership currently involved the chair roles of the building safety alliance SIG 3 (golden thread) around the UK building safety act and a task group member on the new IM mandate set to replace the UK 2016 BIM mandate 2016