Our mission

Discover the data-driven facilities management platform that drives efficiency, profitability and ESG reporting.

Improve decision making, reduce waste and increase profit in multi-tenancy corporate facilities management.

Our SaaS platform delivers value through wholistic data solutions that integrate universal data sources to provide actionable insights for facilities management, sustainability and wellbeing across whole life projects.

A Toolkit of Efficiency and Sustainability

The Wholus Whole Life Facilities Management Suite empowers both large multinationals and SME’s to transform their physical spaces and operations into engines of efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings.

Wholus is more than just software. It’s a commitment to a future where large businesses can operate with maximum efficiency, minimal environmental impact, and a focus on employee well-being.

Wholus helps you address these common pain points in your facilities management lifecycle

Fragmented Data & Inconsistent Reporting

Wholus eliminates data silos and manual reporting by centralising organisation information in an easy-to-access platform. Standardised reporting ensures consistency across portfolios

Hidden Costs & Inefficiencies:

Real-time data and insights from Intelligent Contracts and Digital Operations empowers data-driven decision making, exposing waste and identifying cost savings.

Lack of Transparency & Accountability:

Intelligent Contracts provide real-time performance data, highlighting emerging problems and ensuring suppliers meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Guesswork & Delays:

The suite provides a single source of truth for all facility data, eliminating guesswork and enabling faster, more informed decision-making.

Difficulty Managing ESG & Compliance:

IESG and Corporate Standards centralises ESG data, tracks progress, and generates insights to improve sustainability and navigate compliance complexities.

Inefficient Maintenance:

Digital Operations maps to the underlying operational model and uses AI and real-time data to predict equipment failures and optimise maintenance schedules, preventing costly downtime.

Wasted Resources:

Real-time Workplace data helps optimise services, such as cleaning, security, maintenance and resource allocation, eliminating unnecessary waste.

Wasted Time & Inefficient Space Usage:

Real-time Workplace streamlines desk and meeting room booking, optimising space utilisation - allowing employees to be productive with easily accessible systems.

Unclear ROI of Physical Space:

Real-time Workplace data provides insights into workplace effectiveness, helping tailor and space allocation decisions.

Potential Safety Issues:

The suite integrates with many parts of the ecosystem to identify potential safety concerns.

The Environmental Benefits:

  • Improved energy efficiency through data-driven facilities management.
  • Reduced environmental impact through optimised operations and resource allocation.
  • Decreased energy consumption through optimised assets such as HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), lighting, operating models and systems.
  • Minimised resource waste like unnecessary cleaning or patrolling.
  • Optimised printing and paper usage.

The Financial Benefits:

  • Reduced administrative costs through automation and standardised reporting.
  • Improved cost control through real-time performance monitoring.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through conditional and predictive maintenance.
  • Optimised resource allocation leading to cost savings.
  • Lowered operational expenses through data-driven efficiency.
  • Reduced real estate costs through optimised space utilisation.
  • Improved employee productivity.

Wholus: Unleashing insight in your facilities management.

Stop managing your facilities in the dark. Speak to our team today and experience the power of data-driven insights. Uncover hidden inefficiencies, optimise space usage, and boost your bottom line all while achieving your ESG goals.